About the Tregathenan Herd

We have 9 male alpacas at Tregathenan.  They graze happily in either of our 2 main fields above and below the House and Cottages.  They range in age between 2 and 17! Some are huycaya alpacas and some are suri alpacas (the ones with the ‘dreadlocks’).

They have their main feed fed once/day in the late afternoon, and guests are welcome to come and watch the organised chaos which results from trying to get 9 boys to all eat nicely at the same time!

The alpacas love meeting people, although some are more confident around strangers than others.  Guests are encouraged to join us in the field where they can feed carrot and apple to the boys.  Some of the boys enjoy a little trekking too, and subject to animal health restrictions, guests can enjoy a short walk with them.  Alpacas are curious animals; interested in everything, so be prepared – a short walk with an alpaca can take quite a while!

Our alpacas are sheared once a year, usually in early June, so if your holiday coincides with shearing time, you are in for some extra entertainment!

Meet the Boys!

Boromir and Faramir – the youngest and fluffiest of the herd!
Barliman – the smallest boy
Paco and Georgio – 2 older gentleman Suri alpacas
Legolas – the self-appointed leader of the herd
Merry – our most sociable chap
Samwise – our beautiful black boy, whose tail has gone grey as he has got older!
Saruman – our young Suri boy

Alpaca yarn and fleeces


All our yarn is hand spun in Cornwall and sold exclusively from Tregathenan.  Hand spinning gives the yarn a beautiful light feel over commercially spun yarn.  We never dye our yarn – it is all the natural warm and beautiful colours of our alpacas.  Sometimes the shading may vary within the same skein – this is quite normal as no one fleece is a perfect block colour – and makes the yarn quite unique.  Sometimes we card two colours together to make a different shade and sometimes we ply 2 colours together to make a beautiful barberpole twist.

The following colours are currently available:

Light Fawn
Black/cream barberpole twist

Our yarn is generally spun to a 4-ply weight and is supplied in skeins of roughly 100g.
The yarn is £8.75/50g.

£3.00 P+P


Alpaca fleece makes beautiful yarn – it also makes beautiful felt.  We have blanket fleeces available in the following colours for customers who like to do their sown spinning or felting:

Light fawn

Fleeces vary in weight depending on the animal.  You should get roughly 1kg of useable material from each fleece.
Fleeces are £25.00 ea.

£5.00 P+P

2020 Fleeces Now Available

To Order

Please email for availability.  We will confirm availability and price.  Payment can be made by credit/debit card over the phone, or by bank transfer or paypal.


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